Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski Certified Spiritual Director Since 1998

Executive Director of Miracles Happen Spiritual Consultants and Direction for Women, llc......Spiritual Lives Of Women

T: 517.290.8930

E: pacwp@pacwp.com

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    Important attributes in working with people include an
    academic foundation, excellent training, work experience;
    and in counseling, a personality that can be both
    supportive and helpful wherever a person is found.  No
    person better fits this model than Patricia-Ann Constance-
    Wilson Perkowski.

    She is a warm and caring individual who brings a depth of
    faith to her professional life that allows her to work with
    people wherever they are at the moment.  

    Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson is a caring professional
    who adheres to the hallmarks of confidentiality in all her
    undertakings.  Anyone who avails themselves of her
    services will undoubtedly benefit to an extent difficult to
    envision, that is until exposed to her warmth and caring

    I feel that fortunate will be those persons who have the
    opportunity to take advantage of this gifted professional.


    William D. Brown, Ph.D.
Diocese of Lansing, Michigan
From those who experienced my work as
Director of Project Rachel.
Project Rachel: Post Abortive Ministry for Catholic Women

Deacon William R. Sirl
Director, Office of Deacons
Diocese of Lansing

Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski put together and
presented a day for the deacon community on Project Rachel.


Gerald D. Rice
Assistant Director
Diocese of Lansing Cemeteries

The occasions I’ve worked with Ms. Perkowski have
been rewarding experiences for me.  

    Those who have experienced my work
    as a Spiritual Director

Father Tom McDevitt
Spiritual Director
Saint Francis Retreat Center

I recommend Patty-Wilson as spiritual guide.  She has
credentials in the Spiritual Direction Formation
Program offered through St. Francis Retreat Center
and has a strong background with Project Rachel, as
Director Religious Education for the Diocese of

She brings a rich experience of working with women of
varied backgrounds and brings this experience to be
of service
43546 Firestone Place
Leesburg, VA 20176-3920  
William D. Brown, Ph.D., Chairman